No smartphones, gadgets, connection etc on the plain of Arafah matter. Rather it is our connection to the Creator Allah that’s of paramount importance.

May Allah give the Hujjaj the tawfeeq to utilise the blessed day properly, ameen.

On this blessed day while a few millions will be on the plain of Arafah crying and begging to Allah, let us also occupy ourselves in Dua. If we cannot exert ourself in Ibaadah the most we can do is stay away from Sin.
Maulana Arshad Fakir

Make this Day of Arafah, a day of renewal of your faith in your heart & actions, a day of repentance & a day to get closer to the Almighty.

Please remember me, my family and the ummah in your Duas

Head Imam Sajid Latif Qadri